“We Don’t Want To Feed On Donations In Our Old Age, Fix the Royalty System” – Stonebwoy Fires Ghamro

Ghanaian musician Stonebwoy has read his stars and foreseen that if he does not fight for certain structures to be fixed, he might beg for alms in his old age.

Stonebwoy expressed concern on Twitter highlighting the recent trend of veteran entertainers begging for support from the public after spending their youthful age working tirelessly.

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The Bhim Nation president sounded worried and asked in a series of tweets if the story is going to be the same for all entertainers in Ghana, especially musicians.

He charged GHAMRO, the body responsible for distributing royalties for musicians, to fix their internal issues and give musicians what they they deserve before they too become a charity case in their old age.

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Stonebwoy also shared his opinion on the case of veteran actor Psalm Adjeteyfio aka TT.

He wrote, “Does This simply mean That We are all headed to damnation? After working so hard from your youthful age To your adulthood entertaining your county, in your old age you become a charity case? Let’s Fix The Royalty System..”

“It’s a Great Thing to Donate to support People.( Though some jump on it for clouts) For uncle TT and the likes unfortunate situation. should someone who has worked his whole life as an actor be feeding off donations or the reward of his hard work?”

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