(+VIEDO) Too much s∈κx makes women go blind – Counsellor D.Y Donkor explains why

Counsellor D.Y Donkor has advised women against having too much sex as it has its future implications.

Many women give themselves to men during dating and have the perception that it will spice up the relationship and also keep the man at ease.

Some even go to the extent of using s∈x as compensation for their wrongdoings.

But according to the Counsellor, dating a man shouldn’t involve s∈x because it ends up blinding the ladies whiles opening the eyes of men.

Speaking to Quophi Okyeame on Angel FM, the Counsellor said dating is strictly for talking to help both develop an interest in each other.

After dating, you move to courtship where you study each other characters which will help you decide whether to continue the relationship or not.

According to Counsellor D.Y Donkor, when sex takes the center stage of dating and courtship, it blinds the ladies and doesn’t help them to study the men and do whether they are good for them.

Watch the video below;


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