TT Made Over A Billion Just 4 Months Ago, This Is Too Much – Ayisha Modi Embarrasses Psalm Adjeteyfio

Ayisha Modi, aka Mother Theresa has exposed TT for lying about his situation claiming people have withdrawn from helping him after Vice President Dr Bawumia gave him GHC 50,000.

According to Ayisha Modi, TT made over a billion just 4 months ago after the VEEP doled out the GHC 50,000 to him.

Ayisha Modi has disclosed that apart from the money TT received from Bawumia, he had several other donations from people.

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She went to reveal that the money she personally gave to TT just four months ago could be someone’s one year salary so it makes no sense that TT has blown all that money within this short period.

Disappointed Ayisha Modi lashed out to TT as she commented on a report that he has lost potential helpers after Dr Bawumia’s support.

Ayisha Modi exposed him in the screenshot below;

Veteran Ghanaian actor, Psalm Adjeteyfio, aka TT has disclosed that he’s in a difficult situation after Vice President Dr Bawumia supported him with GHC 50,000.

According to him, people have withdrawn from helping him after they heard that Bawumia has supported him with an amount of GHC 50,000.

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TT made the revelation in an audiotape where he begged MzGee for leftover food.

The viral audio is causing a stir on social media as users react.

Credit: Ghana Celebrities

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