The God Of Akua GMB Is Working – Fans Happy After Stacy Amoateng And Xandy Kamel’s Alleged Confusion At ABN

Former beauty queen, Akua GMB’s fans are happy after reports that Stacy Amoateng and Xandy Kamel have allegedly started confusion at ABN.

According to a report, there is currently friction between Xandy Kamel and her boss, Stacy Amoateng.

Report says that the two cool pals are beefing lowkey because Stacy Amoanteng is working to take Xandy Kamel off airbecause her show doesn’t bring anything to the table.

And someway Xandy heard that Stacy is allegedly working undergee for her to lose her job.

According to report, Xandy went straight to Dr Kwaku Oteng to go and defend herself and secure her job. It’s alleged she also indicted Stacy Amoateng and her husband noting they are involved in shady deals in the company.

However, both Xandy and Stay have kept the issue secret until yesterday when blogger Mari Gyata divulged the whole gist.

This early, morning Xandy Kamel is throwing shade, making a deadly promise to drag Stacy Amoateng if she’s really ready for beef.

This is so unexpected, especially now that Xandy Kemel appears tamed because of marriage. And who takes a shot at their boss? It’s two ways; either you lose or quit but here is Xandy proving stubborn!

Apparently, this seems to be the revenge that fans of Akua GMB have been waiting for – they are on the gram thanking God for fighting Akua GMB’s battle for her.

One of the fans wrote, ‘The God of Akua isn’t even started yet o🔥 exodus 14:14🔥🙌 Surely I say, That God doesn’t sleep 😴.Both of them should stand well. But Karma is about to do something beautiful in theirs 😂😂😂😂’


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