New Borla Bird! – Nana Agradaa Trolled After Her No Makeup Photo with Unkempt Hair Looking Like A Witch Popped Up

Apparently, the standard of beauty in Ghana is now measured according to Kumawood actress ‘Borla Bird’.

Ei, sorry, we mean Tracey Boakye.

Tracey has become the go-to for fashion and beauty fails in our industry.

Nana Agradaa has suffered a beauty fail and all of a sudden, people are comparing her to Tracey Boakye.

Recently, the fetish priestess turned evangelist celebrated her birthday.

Apparently, a surprise was organized for her where she was presented with some gifts.

Agradaa appears to have just been woken up from bed to receive the gifts because she looked very unkempt.

Her face was not made up, showing us her real face instead of the regularly polished one we see online every day.

her hair was also very messy, probably showing she was actually surprised.

Generally, celebrities organise surprise visits on their birthdays and every single time they are perfectly dressed, well made up and know exactly what is coming.

To her credit, Agradaa appear to have been really surprised.

However, social media users are trolling her ghastly looks in the photos.

She has been compared to Borla Bird, Kyeiwaa and many other things.

Check out the photos below…

Credit: Ghana Celebrities




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