‘Nana Is Fixing Ony3’ – Gary Al-Smith Trends After Insulting NPP ‘Headsoldier’ Claiming Nana Is Fixing the Country

Joy News sports guru Gary Al-Smith is trending for the wrong reasons after landing a potent insult on an NPP headsoldier – the opposite of a foot soldier.

Gary is fed up with the NPP and their minions trying to turn the #FixGhana hashtag into rather claiming Ghanaians should #Fixourselves.

In case you’re not in the country, Ghanaians fed up with the ruling government over dumsor, water crisis, galamsey issue, new taxes and other issues have started the hashtag #Fixthecountry.

The NPP and its minions have also decided to hit back with the hashtag #FixYourself.

Somehow, they claim Ghana is in a bad state because of us citizens and not the leaders.

Reacting to that, Al-Smith took to social media. His anger took the better of him as he added an insult ‘ony3’ (your mother) to his post when replying to a Presidential staffer.

We don’t care however, we’re suffering too much to think of niceties.

Check their interaction below…

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