Nadia Buari or Nikki Simonas – Jim Iyke Names Ghanaian Actress Who Gave Him A B#ner On Set – Video

Jim Iyke has shared an embarrassing moment in his life as an actor.

According to the Nigerian actor, he could not control his libido during one steamy movie scene with a beautiful Ghanaian actress and that got his manhood rock hard.

Jim Iyke said he looked stupid and embarrassed on the movie set as his situation got everyone laughing at him.

Narrating how it happened, the Nollywood actor disclosed that he was shooting a scene with a Ghanaian actress he was dating and he allowed his emotions overtake his reasoning and by the time he realized, he had a boner.

In his defence, Jim Iyke said things got intense between them and every guy would have got a boner if they were in his shoes.

The host of the show tried to get the actor to mention who the Ghanaian actress was but all Jim Iyke said was the person might be married or with someone else and they are happy hence doesn’t want to mention her name to drag her on social media.

Social media users have however used the clues Jim Iyke gave to fish out two names, Nadia Buari and Nikki Simonas, both dated Jim Iyke, are Ghanaians and have shot a steamy romantic movie with the actor.

Only Jim Iyke can tell if it’s Nikki or Nadia but watch him narrate his ordeal below.


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