Lifestyle Of The Rich And Famous – DJ Cuppy’s Magnificent Pink Penthouse Features On MTV Cribs

International DJ and daughter of one of Nigeria’s wealthiest moguls DJ Cuppy has given a tour of her London Pink Penthouse via MTN Cribs.

MTV Cribs is a show that features the abodes of the rich and famous and has featured the biggest and flashiest celebrities in showbiz.

DJ Cuppy is as wealthy and famous as any of them and it is no surprise that the MTV Cribs cameras located her Pink Penthouse.

Pink Penthouse, because there is a whole lot of pink going on in there. That’s Cuppy’s signature colour and it is only natural that her home is draped in all shades.

Cuppy says it’s a Pink Penthouse so one would expect literally everything to be pink, but there is also a lot of green. Green is probably Cuppy’s next best colour as the clothes she wore for the tour featured pink and green. It’s a rather awkward combination but we all know by now that Cuppy does what Cuppy does and it works out for her.

Cuppy’s Pink Penthouse has a pink bed, pink ceilings, a huge pink plasma, a customized pink couch inspired by Austin Powers, pink walls, and pink wallpaper. Oh, not forgetting pink toilet paper.

DJ Cuppy is not necessarily one you would picture on astripper pole, but yes she has a pink stripper pole in her winter garden and she made a few moves on it before almost collapsing out of exhaustion.

It’s a pretty cute Penthouse and you should check it out in the video below:


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