Lady Causes Heartattack After Threatening To Release List Of 100 Men She’s Infested With HIV On Facebook

A lady has caused fear and panic among her Facebook friends after revealing that she has boldly infected about 100 people with HIV.

The lady identified as Ruth James didn’t give a hoot about her own life, forgetting the stereotype about HIV and how depressing that could be, she rather chose to cause tension among her social media friends.

She wrote in her local dialect threatening to shame all the people she has successfully slept with and infested with HIV.

She went on to tease that at least 100 of her over 40,000 followers’ hearts are pumping because they’re her client.

“I want to expose everyone I have given HIV, Itugona. Chuo 100 mar facebook dwa thoo gi stress.”

Whether this was a joke or not, this lady is obviously playing with peoples lives. It is not all the victims who would have the heart to bear this news.

Some of those men won’t have the witt to stand the impending shame and may attempt to avoid it before it happens.

Also, some of those people wouldn’t be able to deal with the fact that they have also infested other people and have to deal with it mentally.

This must be an expensive joke or the bitter truth. We hope it doesn’t turn out positive! Check out the post below;

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