Efia Odo has inscribed in her attire and what netizens are saying about it.

Clothes are part of every humans wear that makes us distinct from each other.  It does not only cover our nakedness but also makes us look confident as well. Our attention has been drawn to an inscription that was boldly written in Efia Odo’s attire. She boldly has an inscription in her attire that reads, “ Not Boyfriend Season”. This has sparked many conversations online. Even though words can have different meanings people have also come up with diverse meanings of what she had in her attire.

A section of the netizens believe that she is truly telling boys to stay off her way. And that she is not interested in any relationship for now. Maybe later but as it stands now she is not ready for it, according to what she has inscribed on her attire. Efia is one of Ghana’s finest socialite and media activist who is always engaging her fans on social media. She is also a tv host who is loved by many Ghanaians.

She was very instrumental in the “fix the country demonstrations”. Which led to her arrest but was released because many Ghanaians throng to social media to demand for her release.

Efia Odo whose official name is Andrea Owusu is believed to be a former nurse in the U. S. who relocated to Ghana to ply her trade. She is currently in Turkey as she tweeted that, “slept in Ghana and woke up in Turkey”. It seems she loves being single as she also wrote on her timeline that, “staying single and marrying the Benjamin’s”. Many rumors about the socialite and her love life has sprang up online most often than not. However, she has come out to debunk those allegation about her having an affair with Kwesi Arthur.


source; operanew.com

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