“Church Members Can’t Even Pay Their Tithes and Offering Anymore” – Pastor Cries at ‘Fixthecountry’ Demo – video

Several Ghanaians have hit the streets of Accra from various parts of the country to register their displeasure at what they refer to as bad governance.

The FixTheCountry demonstration is currently ongoing and we are receiving videos of unexpected scenes from the protest.

senior pastor has explained to the press why he decided to put down his bible and cross to join the ‘Fix the country’ protest.

The man of God explained that even churches are feeling the economic hardship and pinch of bad governance in the country.

He identified himself as Apostle Dr. Daniel Adjei adding that he is the head pastor of Evangelical Methodist Church, Joshua Kwame Ampadu Cathedral at Asylum Down in Accra.

Apostle Dr. Daniel Adjei stated that Ghana’s economy is in such a bad shape that even  church members cannot pay their tithes and offerings deligently.

He stressed that lack of jobs and unstable income has rendered many broke and that is affecting their offerings which happen to be the major source of income for the churches.

“Nowadays when our church members come to church, they can’t give offering. They can’t pay their tithes because all our members are broke. There are no jobs in this country. That is why I have joined this demonstration,” the pastor lamented as he participated in the demonstration.


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