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Solutions to All SHS School Placement after Checking 2022 BECE Results

Solutions to All SHS School Placement after Checking 2022 BECE Results

Solutions to All SHS School Placement after Checking 2022 BECE Results .

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In this content we will be providing the problems and solutions to school placements issues that you might encounter after your results are published.

In case you missed all 5 options Applicants who miss all options will have the opportunity to select schools with vacancies through the aforementioned self- assessment process. 

Can high-performing candidates miss the first choice, second choice, or all choices? Yes. All places within the school are filled competitively taking into account the places available at the school (i.e. preferred residency status and select programs). Therefore, eligible candidates are ranked from highest score to lowest score and are excluded if: The place is run down. They then move to the next school of their choice to compete for a place there, and the process continues further down the chain.

I was in school, but my name is no longer in the school system. If a candidate was actually enrolled in a particular school, but their details are no longer found in the school’s system, the school’s administration will formally contact the relevant authorities for corrective action. Students may not be sent home.

Is there any possibility to enroll in the school? 

Actually Yes. Selected programs and immigration status may vary from candidate to candidate. So slot competition may vary. For example, academia is almost always more competitive than other programs and boarding is more competitive than day status.

You will not be enrolled when your parents or guardians are not present during your registration.For successful registration, the school requires a student’s unique her ID, parent or guardian address details, and phone number. When a candidate or parent/guardian submits a form to a referred school, the school uses the information on the form to enroll the candidate. Therefore, the school cannot obtain all personal information of the candidate unless the candidate or representative is present at the school.

Is it possible for someone who has not chosen a particular school to be placed in that school? No. This is not possible during the auto- placement process. However, candidates can be placed in schools by protocol.

Can I change schools after entering the school? No. The mediation process ends when the candidate goes to school and completes the appropriate forms to begin the admissions process. Changing schools after enrollment is considered a transfer. A student can change only after his first academic year. 

Can I change my status of residence or program after placement? No. Candidates were accepted into specific schools based on their chosen preferred program and immigration status. Candidates apply for admission to a particular school based on their stated preferences. Therefore, it is not possible to change your status of residence or program.

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Can I change the school selected in the self-assessment? Possibly Yes. Candidates placed in a school by referral can change schools in the portal if the candidate is not registered with the school.

You have selected a school in the school selection list and have been placed in that school. Can I change schools? Answer: No. If you fall into one of the five options, you cannot transfer to another school.

There is a protocol system that allocates 5% of the school’s declared land to the school and allocates more to its stakeholders. As such, children of current students and faculty members may be admitted before other children have applied for admission to the same school. Other stakeholders include each school’s mission and traditional seating.

Gifted children such as boys/girls in sports may also be considered by schools as part of protocol spots. I’m here. Therefore, applicants from public elementary schools across the country compete for about 30%. So 60% competition is different from his 30% of competition.

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