Why WASSCE Candidates Should Be Calm Ahead Of Their Results

Why WASSCE Candidates Should Be Calm Ahead Of Their Results

If you wrote WASSCE this year and waiting for your results to be released, please read this article to the end, as it entails beneficial content that may take away some sort of nervousness in you.

We, the team here at Razak Ghana might not be the best of all writers, advisers, or whatsoever but reading this piece of context will pay you well.

Yes, we know you are worried, anxious, dejected, frightened, depressed and a lot of things, but you know what? It is normal to feel that way, in fact, you have to feel that way.


A. You’ve gone through this before

Do you remember 2019? I mean, do you clearly remember the joy after your last BECE paper and the sadness on your face whilst you were waiting for your results as well? I bet you do so.

You may have your personal reasons to be anxious, but it may dampen your spirit and weaken your confidence as well.

You have clearly written an external examination before in 2019, so why worry about this one too?

The same procedure your BECE papers went through is the same procedure for your WASSCE papers too.

B. Have Confidence

You should have confidence that the outcome of your results will be good and a better one. Won’t talk much but just have this thing called CONFIDENCE, & FAITH.

If you stayed to read through this article, thank you, and have a blessed week ahead.

Credit: Ghana Education News

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